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Sign that reads "Thank You Wisconsin 14"

Sign that reads "In the 'Dark Ages only the Rich Could Afford an Education. Is this where we are headed?"

Sign that reads "When Common People Stick Together, We All Win"; sign includes drawings of a dove, nurse, firefighter, teacher; their signs say: "Justice." "Worker Rights." "Human Rights."

Sign that reads "All Children Left Behind"

Teacher as Miss Forward in gold costume standing next to the statute of Miss Forward which has a red bandana over her eyes; teachers standing in the front with the a that reads "Public Schools Work for Wisconsin"; man with sign that reads "Beam…

Teacher with a sign with teddy bears and an appleon it that reads "Teaching by Example"

Woman in a black hat in front of the Capitol, holding a sign:" Wisconsin milk does a body good, Tea makes you wee"

Woman in a white hat in front of the Capitol, holding a sign: "We didn't vote for union busting! Republicans Get it Right"

Woman in sunglasses, with a big grin and a sign that reads "We are the people who make the state run; we teach your children; make sure you are cared for when you are sick; we protect you when you sleep? Don't mess w/ us!"

T-shirt that reads "Child Care Provider ? AFSCME ?Wisconsin" and has stick drawings of different colored children with their arms raised