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A sign that reads "Surprisingly, hurting education makes us dummer, not more intelligenter"

A man holding a sign that reads "Scott, I taught your son algebra. Now you want to slash money for my kids' schools while giving tax breaks to your corporate buddies. That's shared sacrifice?"

A woman holding a sign that reads "You can't scare me, I teach middle school!"

Two women holding a sign that reads "Teachers working conditions are students learning conditions."

Woman holding up red sign inside Capitol rotunda that says: Maestros para la Justicia (Teachers for Justice)

Handwritten sign posted inside of the capitol stating: Massachusetts Teachers Support Wisconsin Workers

The calm, respectful manner of the protests at the Capitol made it a friendly environment for anyone that wanted to exercise their right to protest.

Many schools in Madison and throughout the state of Wisconsin were closed while teachers protesting at the Capitol. Some parents were left with no other option but to bring their children to the capitol to join the protests.

A bunch of different papers lie on the Capitol banister with different protest messages.