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Close-up view of protesters marching outside during daylight hours. Photograph is taken from perspective of the crowd showing multiple individuals carrying yellow "Firefighters for WORKERS RIGHTS" signs. Marchers show solemn expressions.

Two protesters stand in a coffee shop displaying protest posters to the photographer. One protester holds a sign that reads "Scott W., Jeff Fitz, Scott Fitz, the '3 Stooges.' We don't want you running Wisconsin!" The sign refers to Republican…

A sign adorning the wall of the Wisconsin State Capital reads "Walker = Koch Bros.' Puppet. Check it out!" The sign invites readers to verify this claim by instructing them to "Google: Koch Bros Wisconsin." The sign insinuates that Wisconsin Governor…

The calm, respectful manner of the protests at the Capitol made it a friendly environment for anyone that wanted to exercise their right to protest.

Protesters got creative in showing their support in the protest. This sign reads 'Scrapbookers Union' representing not a real union, but showing support for unions for all careers.

A protester in the Capitol Rotunda holds a sign written on a pizza box that reads: "Thank You World! We Are One!" The sign expresses gratitude and solidarity, and the Ian's Pizza sticker in the center functions as an advertisement for the local…

A protester holds a "health care not warfare" protest sign at the Voces de la Frontera May Day Solidarity March.

Two protesters at the Voces de la Frontera May Day Wisconsin Solidarity March for Immigrant and Worker Rights.

Voces de la Frontera protest signs in the trash outside the Capital building after protesters were banned from bringing signs into the building.

A kid in a badger hat holds a protest sign that reads, "Voces de la Frontera Supports You!"